Open Since 1978

We opened our doors seeking to inspire with great food and great wine. We still to this day strive to reach our original goals and surpass what we have accomplished before. We are always looking for fresh local farmers and wineries to help support our community.

We needed to design and build our restaurant to match our menu and our aspirations. We have been fortunate enough to have a great location and a beautiful decor. Nestled near the downtown area, but still remote enough to have a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

Chef Gatimäri

We needed a chef that was skilled with fine dinning cuisine, but also someone who could visit farms and purchase fresh produce. We were able to find Chef Gatimäri, but it wasn't easy.

We had discovered our gem in France; however, he wanted to remain an apprentice and learn all he could from his father. Finally, both Chef Gatimäri and his father moved to Toronto, and we have been able to showcase amazing food, while still building relationships with local farms and wineries.

Award Winning Menu

We have received many rewards over the passed years. To be honest, they are not worth much. We value our customers, and if we surpass their standards, that is our reward.